Carl Sandburg Student Success Guide 
    Dec 02, 2023  
Carl Sandburg Student Success Guide

Refund Schedule

Tuition refunds will be issued to eligible students based upon the effective date of withdrawals. The date that a written request for withdrawal is received by the Admissions and Records Office determines the effective date of withdrawal. A full refund of tuition and fees will be made if the College cancels a course. Refunds will be determined on the basis of the following schedule:

Length of Class Refund Period* Percent Thereafter
9-16 Weeks 1st 9 calendar days of term 100% 0%
5-8 Weeks 1st 5 calendar days of term 100% 0%
4 Weeks 1st 3 calendar days of term 100% 0%
2-3 Weeks 1st 2 calendar days of term 100% 0%
Less than 2 Weeks Prior to Day 1 100% 0%

*Refund period refers to the number of calendar days beginning with the first day of the Carl Sandburg College term. Courses with shorter terms begin with the appropriate term date. Note: Workforce Development & Community Education courses dropped the day before class starts - 100%; thereafter - 0%